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Wasted Video Maker Premium

1.89 usd

*******************************PREMIUM FEATURES:This premium version gives you a lot of extra cool features which the free version does not have:- Choose your own music/sound effects from your phone to use in your video- Choose from many more pre-loaded funny sound effects to use in your video (Amongst: Tekken, Unreal tournament and DOTA sound effects)- NO ADS- NO WATERMARK
Have you seen those funny videos with GTA music and "WASTED" text? Have you always been wondering how to make one yourself?
Well, with this beautiful and user-friendly app you can make your own premium Wasted video in only a matter of seconds:
1. Select an existing OR record a new video2. Trim the video to the perfect moment3. Edit the video to your desires- Select the desired text chosen from the various Wasted layers and colors- Set up the epic zoom and duration4. WATCH & SHARE!
Share them instantly with your friends through social apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube, etc...
*Tips:-Try to not make your videos longer than 15 seconds-Select the lowest quality in the settings if you think that the rendering takes too long
*Note:Rendering a video on a smartphone is an intensive process and can sometimes be a bit buggy on some older devices, please let us know if you have any problems by email so we can work on it ;)
*Copyright disclaimerAll the sounds in the app are the property of their respective owners, no copyright infringement intended. Contact us for more information or if you want your own music in the app.